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ending with genève

Le Jet D'eau | celebration on the eve of Switzerland's birthday
Vielle Ville | Dinner at restaurant Les Amures

Switzerland is an amazing country and I'm glad to be ending my trip in Geneva. On the eve of Switzerland's birthday, the shops are all closed and tourists and residents have crowded the promenade around Lac Leman to enjoy gelati and rides on the carousel.

The Swiss really have a great lifestyle. The air smells delicious, the human beings are friendly, and the water from the public fountains tastes fantastic.

After enjoying a delicious dinner in the old village of Geneva, I made some quick sketches on the napkin that took no longer than a minute. Its the actual act of sketching on the napkin that makes it so enjoyable. For a medium that costs almost nothing and is so ubiquitous, I find it to be so fun and easy to draw on.

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